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These short films and songs investigate the edges and terrains of neurodiversity and neurodivergence.

The main character in each piece portrays either their own direct experience or represents an aspect of neuro diversity, such as Autistic Spectrum Disorders or Asperger Syndrome, from testimony I have collected.

                                  What is it about Night?

A realm that starts on the tattered fringes of daylight. As it creeps forward, some of us allow ourselves to think differently, to believe differently. To live differently.

Is this why so much is created in these late hours?

Is Darkness a camouflage from the beliefs and ideas we must hold during the light?

What permissions do we allow ourselves when we inhabit shadows?

For When it is night, we do not fear our terrors of the day

When it is night, nothing comes after

When it is night, there are no consequences

The genie is released for a while

We are heady with its frenzy

                                      This is Night Vertigo

A young autistic woman conjures her own 'Alice Through The Looking Glass' dreamscape that allows her to express her diversity and difference; a world that isn't a daily bombardment of fracture and sensory overload, but one where she can feel integrated and serene

Neuro Diverse - Neuro Typical - Neuro Divergent?

Where are we located on that map?

When do we speak out or join in?

Where are the lines?

What are the lines?


Where it ends we begin

Where we end it begins…


A man struggles to feel who he really is. Even though he appearsvto fit seamlessly into everyday life, he experiences himself as something else

Like contortionists, do we stretch and distort our beliefs to be 'normal'?

The Radio Ghosts are the disembodied representations of our hopes, aspirations and dreams. They exist only as ideas, destined to occupy a limbo world, because our doubts, fears and uncertainties block their manifestation. Their only chance of actualisation is to whisper encouragement into our ears in the hope we day... believe in them...

Life Theatres

A street scene filmed by Caroline Hart for the Liminal States / Life Theatres Project

Dalston, East London

A man’s anxiety wrestles with the question of social exclusion or social isolation. He feels both, but is he prevented from participating or has he distanced himself?

Do we live in constant opposition to ourselves?


Questioning ourselves, but never questioning the question?


Saying No when we mean Yes and Yes when we mean No?

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