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Night Letters

Latest Album Release 20th March 2024

Night Letters album front cover
Night Letters Album reverse cover

Night Letters is a compilation of nine pieces for solo piano, performed by Jelena Makarova. Written over a thirty five year span, it’s release was timed to coincide with the 2024 Neurodiversity Celebration Week (18th -24th March)


Although I have never received a neurodiversity diagnosis, I have worked with and known personally numerous people who have. That, and my life long difficulty aligning with the functions associated with ‘Neurotypicality’, have led me to accept myself at the very least as a divergent thinker.


Growing up, much of what passed as normal human activity, thought and preoccupation I registered more as a kind of ‘noise’. As much as I craved contact, particularly with my peers, I found the ‘noise’ they generated often overwhelming. Solitude was not always preferred, but it was easier.

Owing to this general 'noise'  that I experienced during the day time, my waking hours spread further and further into the reaches of the night, when I found I could connect more with my own thoughts and self. It became my optimum period for creativity and all of the pieces on this album were composed at night. Hence, ‘Night Letters’.


I think these pieces also reflect, somewhat, the directions my music has taken over the years. I have never felt a particular allegiance to any genre, but tend to venture into areas of music and art making that interest me at any given time, sometimes at the same time. So, listed below, is the order and year in which they were written. I hope you enjoy listening.


Quasi Modal 1988

Epicycles 1992

Index Of Invisibilities 1999

Chasing The Sun 2007

Meditations 2009

The Centre May Not Hold 2017

Les Disparitions 2023

Notes To Self (For Ethan) 2023

Night Letters 2023

Jelena Makarova

Jelena Makarova is an award winning Lithuanian pianist based in London.  She studied at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Drama and at the Royal Academy of Music, where she participated in masterclasses with Pierre Laurent-Aimard and György Kurtág.

She is a soloist, chamber musician and accompanist and has collaborated with the New London Orchestra, National Youth Wind Orchestra, Baltic Art Form and the Royal Ballet School. She is a co-founding member of Living Songs, Chromatikon collective and Trio Sonorité.

Jelena recently performed in the Illuminate series of concerts by women composers, where she performed music by Angela Elizabeth Slater, Sarah Westwood and Lithuanian composer Zita Bružaitė. During the Covid pandemic in 2020, she performed for the Bitesize Proms online concert series  performing piano miniatures Kindred by Sarah Westwood. She also gave the online première of Edge of Time by Ruta Vitkauskaite, with her ensemble Trio Sonorité. Jelena has recently been awarded a prestigious individual scholarship from the Lithuanian Cultural Council to première piano works by Lithuanian composers Medekšaitė, Bružaitė and Vitkauskaite in the UK. 

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