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For me, the combination of music and the moving image are the perfect companions and collaborators to explore and express  ideas and experiences.

  from  Music Talks Interview July 2016


I began writing music and songs, and then performing them in a contemporary classical and cabaret fusion group called

Bal. We were weird and whacky and had a lot of fun.

From there I began to get commissions to write music for concert hall, theatre and film and concurrently ran personal development workshops on the power and spirit of the voice and coaching,  theory, neuroscience, spiritual disciplines etc, all of which have woven themselves back into my music. Gradually my song writing has drifted into the world of rock, pop and Indie. I love the seemingly endless recycling of ideas within particularly set of genres that allow the format to continually refresh it self.
I see this as a powerful metaphor for humanity.

Everything is composed of atoms and atoms are alive. Even dead wood isn’t really dead. Our very thoughts and feelings interact with that microscopic world and forms our reality. I believe the only limitations we encounter are the ones we make for ourselves. We ARE Quantum

My interest in neurioscience and neuropsychology drew me into creating a parallel practice as a coach and organisational development consultant, eventually working in this capacity within the Music Industry itself.  I don't think I initially made a conscious link between my two spheres of operation, but gradually I wanted to investigate any to synthesis between  music and neuropschology. It became a rich seem to explore and I used both music and short film in these investigations.

The result is my new album, ‘Fields of Mars’. Each song explores our quantum potential from a variety of perspectives, how we see the world and how we see ourselves in it. In coming to understand our quantum nature, we hold enormous potential to transform ourselves - and see how life, the world, the universe truly are magical. But we have to stop doing to ourselves the things that kill that magic.

Of course, like everything – there is a dark side too. The past has shown us that social systems can be self-serving and narrow-minded, casting out or excluding its members who struggle to squeeze themselves into the narrow aperture of neurotypicality.

There is quantum potential in everyone and assisting them to see it in themselves, we give wings to desires and our universe and consciousness expands.

Science and spirituality are moving closer together. Our Quantum selves have the power to create from our dreams and live and love powerfully. But we all knew that anyway – from the moment we were born. The social pressures to forget it are strong. But it is there in all of us, waiting to be remembered.

Join me in my quantum adventures – walking between worlds, seeing beneath veils, living beyond limitations and revelling in the vibratory force that is sound.

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