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 Stewart Lane

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Liminal 3

Stewart Lane Music

Composer  Performer  Cultural Activist

Black Apollo

release date 2006
Sequence 1 0088
Moving In Circles
Black Apollo
Eye Of The Sun
World Stood Still
Starting Fires
Life Among The Criminals
Dream Collision
Skinned Alive

Black Apollo (2005) is the main protagonist searching for the Tao, or 'way', in a variation of a contemporary Pilgrim’s Progress. At its heart is a spiritual quest, but not a religious one. It follows the trail of a person who innately knows there is more to both him/herself and more to life in general. His growing realisation that blindly following the conventions of a contemporary 'developed' society isn’t going to do it, leads to a succession of crises and illuminations. He attempts to extrapolate his real self from the identity that seeks gratification through the accepted norms and his need for acceptance. Each song is a stage in that journey.


From the increasing dissatisfaction with what is and seeming senselessness of the everyday, he ultimately forges a deep and lasting connection with the core of his being, leading to a radically different perception of the world. The first step towards this ultimate epiphany is in his first insight; he knows his destiny is to know himself.


What follows are numerous twists and turns along the way. His old ego-dominated identity collapses. His beliefs and perceptions are challenged. His exposure to the ideas and companionship of others on a similar quest.  The ostracism, even incarceration, faced when challenging social norms and mores. Moments of despair and questioning, and the rawness and deliverance such experiences create.


The possibility that a reinterpretation of one's self as well as one's experiences is possible is the crucible in which the individual is reborn to him/herself. The legacy of words from the wise: ‘We don’t see the world as it is, but as we are’.


Black Apollo's story concludes with the incredible surge of love, empowerment, compassion and creativity felt by communing with the core of himself. He begins to see that which connects him to everything else. The devastation of separation and alienation gradually dissipating.

So the circle completes itself; there is no end to this journey, just an endless quest as we continue expanding...forever. There will always be fresh challenges, more potential to fullfil;It is only the limitations we place upon ourselves that are our true obstacles. Our destiny is to know ourselves.


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