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 Stewart Lane

Stewart Lane Music

Composer  Performer  Cultural Activist



As part of my on going investigations into Well-being as a qualitative component of Agency, and as a value metric for global citizens living and working in high density conurbations, I invited artists and members of the public to share experiences of living and working in high density communities, assessing their ability to act and enact their daily lives in their familiar milieux from a standpoint of well-being, either positively or negatively.

The result was a series of Noetic/Poetic/abstract Reflections  and Life Theatre Incidents offered by participants that determined the locations and subjects forming the basis for music/song/short film works shot and recorded around London.

I was particularly interested in the rythmns of human activity in everyday settings and of how much subliminal synching takes place among strangers.


The Global Liminal / Life Theatres Project is now closed.

Thank you to everyone who participated and for your fascinating contributions.

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