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 Stewart Lane

Stewart Lane Music

Composer  Performer  Cultural Activist
BAL 1989 - 96

BAL was an alternative cabaret group founded by Stewart Lane in 1989 to explore broad and eclectic music possibilities, alongside themes of personal quest,  layers of reality and agency. The group had a variety of different line-ups and configurations during its lifetime including string quartet and electronica. BAL's first performance was at The Kings Head Theatre, Islington on a  set of Hedda Gabler. In performance, characters from Commedia dell'arte were given a contemporary twist as Lane morphed his way through various social types. BAL went on to play at many prestigious venues including Ronnie Scott's, The Purcell Rooms and Festival Hall, Southbank, London, The Barbican and Riverside Studios, Acoustic Music Centre, Edinburgh and The Third Eye Centre, Glasgow. They won An Edinburgh Fringe award at the 1992 Fringe Festival. BAL gave it's final performace in 1996.

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