Stewart Lane

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Liminal 3


     Composer  Performer/Cultural Activist



Contemplate the following “Liminal Thresholds” to help you enter into a liminal state:


• Holding Stillness

 Start with three deep breaths. Try to remain calm, yet interested in events generally unfolding around you. Note your reactions with interest    

 and detachment. Keep your breath steady and slow. Try to relax your body at all times. Every few minutes, take three deep breaths.


• Being Not Doing

 Resist any urge to physically occupy yourself during your ‘site inspection’ or visit. Do not play with your mobile phone or answer calls,

 tap your feet etc.


• Without Judgment

 Notice if your mind makes judgements of the environment and the presence of others at the site. If possible, avoid the urge to follow a  

 ‘mental stream’ or internal conversation that pulls your attention away from the present moment.


• Deep Sensing  - allowing what is to be

 See if you can accept the scene before you for what it is. Pay more attention to how you feel, rather than what you are thinking.


• Outcome free

 Attempt to have no agenda or plan. Attend your chosen site with an open mind – and note how you feel