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 Stewart Lane

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Impossible Geometries

Liminal 3

Stewart Lane Music

Composer  Performer  Cultural Activist

Impossible Geometries

Released 10th December 2018

Photography by Caroline Harte

Impossible Geometries is my tenth release and second foray into electronica based music. Unlike the Liminal trilogy (including Sonic Speculations 1&2), these songs follow a more traditional song format.


Thematically, I found myself drawn more and more to considering the complexity of relationships; with ourselves and others, from the perspective of the particular nature of our times.

I have tried with these songs to peer beyond whatever systems or routines we impose upon ourselves, or have had imposed upon us, beyond the paradoxical terrain of being human, to some kernel of truth about our beingness.

If present moment experience is all we truly have, retreating, vanishing, fleeting, transitory as it is, how do we live in a moment, constantly shifting to the next? Where are we when our mind is somewhere else? Who are we when our mind is trying to be someone else? How do we fit inside ourselves and fit together with others?


Let’s arrive and leave and not regret.

And while we sleep, connect


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